Our Mission

Serving you since 1994
Care2Bid is on your side when it comes to helping you find and select the most suitable Assisted Living communities and homes - for the best value. Care2Bid is the first of its kind online senior living solutions marketplace. Our proprietary system eliminates the “middleman” and the expensive, laborious and confusing search processes of the past. Care2Bid empowers individuals with the competitive edge by avoiding conventional search methods that drive up personal and industry costs. Care2Bid works directly with local communities and homes that specialize in Assisted Living, offering both long-term and short-term stays.​ Care2Bid is NOT a Referral or Placement Agency. We receive no compensation by referring or placing individuals in assisted living communities or homes. Our compassionate and highly skilled Assisted Living Advisors are available to guide you every step of the way.

Tarik Shirif


For over 18 years I have had the honor of being immersed in the healthcare profession, and in particular assisting seniors locate housing and care. Care2Bid, along with our print and online directories, constitute the most comprehensive and objective solutions in the industry.

Audrey Shirif


As a nurse and former owner and manager of several Assisted Living care homes, I have come to appreciate the countless trials and tribulations of caring for individuals, all the while trying to run a business. Helping people obtain the best care at the right price is my passion.

Our Timeline


Senior Alternatives, Inc., publishes its first Senior Housing directory!


www.seniorhousing.org is born!

The Internet becomes all the rage and we go online for the first time www.seniorhousing.org


We begin to assist individuals with placement free of charge!


Care2Bid is Introduced!

Care2Bid is introduced to empower consumers in their decision making www.care2bid.com