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  1. To live in an environment that promotes and supports each Resident’s dignity, individuality, independence, self-determination, privacy, and choice;

  2. To be treated with consideration and respect;

  3. To be free from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and physical and chemical restraints;

  4. To privacy in correspondence, communication, visitation, financial and personal affairs, hygiene, and health related services;

  5. To receive visitors and make private phone calls;

  6. To participate or have one’s representative participate in development of a written Service Plan;

  7. To receive the services specified in the Service Plan, and to review and renegotiate the Service Plan at any time;

  8. To refuse services, unless such services are court ordered or the health, safety, or welfare of other individuals is endangered by the refusal of services;

  9. To maintain and use personal possessions, unless such use infringes upon the health, safety, or welfare of other Residents;

  10. To have access to common areas in the facility;

  11. To request to relocate or refuse to relocate within the facility based upon the Resident’s needs, desires, and availability of such options;

  12. To have financial and other records kept in confidence. The release of records shall be by written consent of the Resident or the Resident’s representative, except as otherwise provided by law;

  13. To review the Resident’s own records during normal business hours or at a time agreed upon by the Resident and the management;

  14. To review a copy of this Article during normal business hours or at a time agreed upon by the Resident and manager;

  15. To review the assisted living facility’s most recent survey conducted by the Arizona Department of Health Services and any plan of correction in effect during normal business hours or at a time agreed upon by the Resident and the manager;

  16. To be informed, in writing, of any change to a fee or charge at least 30 days before the change, unless the Resident’s service needs change, as documented in the Resident’s Service Plan as required in R9-10-711(A)(7);

  17. To submit grievances to staff, outside agencies, and other individuals without constraint or retaliation;

  18. To exercise free choice in selecting activities, schedules and daily routines;

  19. To exercise free choice in selecting a primary care provider, pharmacy, or other service provider and assume responsibility for any additional costs incurred as a result of such choices;

  20. To perform or refuse to perform services for the assisted living facility;

  21. To participate or refuse to participate in social, recreational, rehabilitative, religious, political or community activities; and

  22. To be free from discrimination in regard to race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, and religion and to be assured the same civil and human rights accorded to other individuals.


1.0     PREAMBLE
Care2bid Participants are required to conduct their business in a manner that will gain the respect and confidence of the client, fellow Participants and the general public. It is the responsibility of every Participant to uphold this code and to maintain standards of business and financial conduct that will reflect in a responsible manner on Care2bid, the profession and the industry.
2.1    Participants shall conform to existing laws, regulations and codes governing business procedures and practices as established by the state or city in which the Participants conducts business.
2.2    Participants shall at all times consider the health, safety and welfare of the consumer and the general public as it relates to the services it provides.
2.3    Participants shall act with fiscal responsibility and maintain sound business relationships to ensure its services meet industry standards.
2.4    Participants shall not engage in any form of false or misleading advertising or promotional activities and shall not imply through advertising or other means that staff members or employees of its company are qualified or competent unless such be the fact.
2.5    Participants shall not assist or abet improper or illegal conduct of anyone in connection with his or her services.
3.1    Participants will be accurate and honest in the representation of its services.
3.2    Participants shall be candid and truthful in all of its professional communication.
3.3    Participants shall not imply through advertising or other means that it is a Participant of Care2bid unless it has such status.
3.4    Participants shall not initiate any discussion or activity that might result in an injury to a Care2bid Participant’s reputation or business relationship.
4.1    Participant’s representatives shall not initiate any discussion or activity that might result in an unjust injury to another company’s reputation or business relationship.
5.1    Participants agree to maintain standards of professional conduct that will reflect in a responsible manner on Care2bid and the profession.
5.2    Participants shall support, encourage and contribute to the sharing of ideas and information among the industry, members, other allied professional disciplines and the general public.
5.3    Participants are encouraged to become involved in community projects that enhance and improve the quality of life for all people.
6.1    The right to terminate a Participant’s membership is reserved for the Care2bid Advisory Council, which will determine that the Participant has ceased to comply with applicable Participant criteria, provided that the concerned Participant is afforded the opportunity to present its position in writing to Care2bid before the decision is made and provided further that any adverse decision is approved by the Care2bid Executive Committee.


Below is a “summary” of the reporting responsibilities that you have as a Care2bid Participant. We provide you with this to help you remain compliant and in good standing. You are required to complete a Communication Note and fax to us should you experience the following:  

  1. Sentinel events such as medication errors for any client referred to you by Care2Bid.

  2. All substantiated or unsubstantiated cases of resident abuse.

  3. State survey (results must be provided to us within seven (7) days).

  4. Any changes to your “Participant Profile.”

  5. Changes in facility Manager, ownership or contact information.